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"Yeah, definitely," Annika said, smiling encouragingly at Wren. It was kind of interesting that she'd never smoked if she did all that Rx shit, but Annika chose not to question it-- maybe Wren was one of those people who took the shape of her lungs seriously or something. "I'll demonstrate," she said, gesturing to one of the guys next to her to pass her the bong. "It's pretty easy, you just light the bowl while you inhale, and after a few seconds, pull the bowl out and inhale the rest," she explained. She flicked the lighter expertly and took a deep hit before exhaling through her nose as she leaned back against the wall, completely relaxed. "But if you want, I can light it for you. Might make it a little easier since you'd only have to focus on inhaling," she shrugged. She'd been smoking out of bongs for years but it was definitely one of the harder ways to smoke, albeit one of the most rewarding in terms of how high it got you.

Kent nodded at Ryland's idea to go to the beach and do work-- it sounded like a nice thing to try sometime, especially in his major. He could just sit on the beach and read and then pull out his laptop at a cafe or something and write about it. "Thanks, man," he said in response to Ryland saying he was welcome to the house anytime, and clinked his glass with him before Ryland went upstairs. Kent chugged the rest of his beer, then, and decided to go for another to drink more slowly before he made his way outside, where there were still tons of people. Of course it would be too much to expect to have a moment of alone time at the biggest frat party of the semester. As stressful as he occasionally found it to go to parties like this, it was still fun from time to time, even to just stand and people watch. His knee twinged a bit from his run earlier, but he was hoping the alcohol would alleviate that.


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